Our Strategy & Structure

Structure and Organizing Focus

1. Monthly meeting advertised and open to members and supporters. All non-members who attend will be asked to join.

2. Organizing co-chairs. We will have co-chairs elected on an annual basis. The present co-chairs are Allison Behr and Danny Fetonte. We will have an election in November to affirm them for one year or to replace. The co-chairs will be responsible for making day to day decisions for DSA Austin and overseeing DSA Austin’s growth.

3. DSA Austin committees. Our members work on issues every day in their various left issue groups. When an issue arises that our DSA members feel strongly about, a committee of volunteer DSA members will work on the issues. The DSA Austin co-chairs will coordinate with the issue committee co-chairs on the work. DSA Austin will form committees organically that reflect membership interests and avoid pro-forma committees.

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Our Overall Strategy
DSA Austin strategy is to unite all democratic socialists into DSA. There are hundreds of democratic socialist sympathizers that live in the Austin area. Our goal is to actively ask them to join DSA so that DSA Austin is not a small group that believes in an idea but a large organization that actually can affect the work for social and economic justice. DSA Austin agrees with the national DSA in supporting workers rights, civil rights, environmental rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, immigrant rights, disabled rights. We encourage our members to actively support and participate in the work of their labor unions and advocacy groups on those issues. DSA Austin sees our member’s efforts in these organizations as the direct work of democratic socialists. America needs a strong labor movement and a strong left to win social justice. DSA Austin is committed to building all of the above mentioned groups and supporting the efforts of labor unions in our area.

DSA thinks that justice for the people of the U.S. is directly linked to justice for people throughout the world. DSA Austin will look for ways to support international issues like the fight against the Trans Pacific Pact as an example of working for justice around the world.

Democratic Socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. With injustice all around we choose to build a democratic socialist organization. With so many facing the pain of the capitalist system we choose to fight for a fair and just economic and political system. We are Democratic Socialists of Austin.

Democratic Socialists of America Austin Chapter